Advantages of green building

Featured Image of Advantages of Green Building

Featured Image of Advantages of Green Building

In 1970, the environment pollution had affected the progress of buildings. After that, the green buildings became good for the environment. However, generally these are not presented in regular buildings. We have been in the building industry for long and we suggest that you need to build green houses.

The advantages of green buildings are given below:

  • Cost: Most people think that green building is expensive. However, honestly it saves much more money than any other type of building. This is because it contains some special requirements, which during their usage saves so much and will serve you optimally.
  • Energy efficiency: Green building has great advantages with regards to the operating energy utilization. It has been proved in studies that those buildings, which are built from wood, will have a lower energy than made of brick, steel or other materials. The designers also found that if the windows are effectively placed with other ways of renewable energy, it could reduce the influence on environment.
  • Water efficiency: Water utilization is another point in sustainable building. Water can be wasted by drip irrigation, pool showers and by leaking. Recycling rainwater and using it for toilet flushing can help reduce water wastage.
  • Material efficiency: Generally, the Green buildings are built from green, non-toxic, rapidly renewable, reusable and recyclable materials like bamboo, straw, lumber, recycled materials or stone etc.
  • Indoor air quality: While constructing the green buildings great emphases can be put on the ventilation system. It can be powered mainly in three ways – naturally, passively or mechanically. However, it is not a matter of the way in which it has been powered, but the building should have a properly designed ventilation system. It will properly filter and clean the air. Most materials, which are used for ordinary buildings, are toxic which creates the radiate gases, which are harmful for the occupant’s health. To avoid the problem a well-insulated building envelop is needed.
  • Indoor environment quality: The environmental friendly circumstances of green building creates a more healthy atmosphere rather than poor lightening, furniture, carpeting which causes different diseases.
  • Maintenance: It is very easy to maintain the Green buildings. Most green buildings do not require exterior painting. Moreover, they never damaged so quickly.
  • Higher property value: The retailer using daylight can reduce their electrical costs. Green buildings have low energy cost. A green building can keep a high sale value if it contains sustainable components.

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